You’re Making Me Blush!


Well it’s not even midweek and I’m more than half way through a bottle of Make Me Blush from Wagonhouse Winery.  It’s delicious, but very sweet.  I’ve made a spritzer using club soda to lessen the overwhelming sweetness.  I prefer my wine on the drier side, but I still recommend checking out Wagonhouse and Make Me Blush!  Sometimes you just need to pair a good wine with a couple of hours of quiet and relaxation!  A book isn’t always required.

I wanted to share an exciting event that I am participating in this summer.  I will be experiencing a YOGA WINE TRAIL!  How awesome is that?  I’m a big fan of yoga.  Meditating, yoga, and wine help me de-stress after a long week.  What better way to unwind than with a 60 minute yoga class in the vineyard, followed by wine tasting at a local New Jersey winery?!  Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve never heard of these events before!  I’m really excited.

In preparation, I’m brushing up on my yoga poses with A Morning Cup of Yoga by Jane Goad Trechsel.  It’s a 15 minute daily yoga routine in a cute little book!  It includes 23 stretches to awaken your mind a body every day.  Glass of wine after your routine is optional!

Check out yoga wine trails in your area!

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