Need a little “Sneak Taste”?!

I'm back and ready to read and drink!  Need a "sneak taste" of what I've been reading and sipping? Here's what's on tap for Pour Me Another Novel over for the next few weeks! Once Upon a Vine wine and the Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling Independent Chenin Blanc and Autumn in the Vineyard … Continue reading Need a little “Sneak Taste”?!

You’re Making Me Blush!

Well it’s not even midweek and I’m more than half way through a bottle of Make Me Blush from Wagonhouse Winery.  It’s delicious, but very sweet.  I've made a spritzer using club soda to lessen the overwhelming sweetness.  I prefer my wine on the drier side, but I still recommend checking out Wagonhouse and Make … Continue reading You’re Making Me Blush!